Concerts in Weyburn and Regina

What a wonderful last few days! We performed two very successful concerts with two talented guest artists. On June 19th, we were joined by Meagan Milatz for an inspiring performance of Dvorak’s Piano Quintet No. 2. We had a great outpouring from the community of Weyburn with over 90 people in attendance. I had such a great time in Weyburn both at St. Michael School and with Meagan. I would also like to extend a big thank-you to the Welsh Kitchen and Bakery for supply us with 150 tasty cupcakes for our reception.

Our next stop was in Regina, home to the Ramsay sisters. We were delighted to be joined by viola extraordinaire, Rudy Sternadel. We performed Mozart’s G minor string quintet. During Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, my G-string broke on my viola! I was pretty surprised, but we joked during intermission that I must have been rockin’ out pretty hard. Luckily, I was able to change the string and finish the concert with no other mishaps.

We have just arrived in Maple Creek, and I am looking forward to exploring this beautiful city. We will be performing at a local nursing home, doing a busking tour with high school students, as well as an evening concert. Well, I’m off to bed.

Until next time,