Crimson Duo: Back in Sask!

Hello world!

I’m so happy to be back in Saskatchewan on the Sproule Farm in Lafleche for the debut of the Crimson Duo. Due to some availability issues in our group (Alyssa got married!!), Audrey and I will be touring as a violin duo. It’s been a busy few days rehearsing and planning for our concerts. Duo music is challenging in its own way compared to quartet. The first major difference I noticed was when I was preparing my parts at home: there were practically no places of rest in the music! Because there are only two of us, we are both nearly playing all the time. It’s both mentally and physically exhausting.

We have also chosen some very difficult music to perform: selections from Bartok 44 duos (crazy rhythms!), Mozart Duo (which needs to sound absolutely effortless), and Shnittke’s Moz-Art (featuring Audrey’s whistling debut).

It’s great to be back on the farm even though the mosquitos are absoluetely awful! Well, I better be off to bed before it gets too late.

Until next time,