Crimson String Quartet Reunited

Hello world!

We are so happy to start our 2015 Summer Tour in Saskatchewan. Last night, Etienne, Alyssa and I myself arrived happy yet exhausted at the Sproule Farm in Lafleche. We were treated to a gourmet Turkey dinner courtesy of our host parents, Dave and Sherry, who also happen to be Audrey’s parents!

After supper, we had a quick rehearsal. It’s been fantastic to play with my colleagues again after a year. We all remarked about how easy it was to get back into the groove with each other!


Alyssa and Audrey enjoying some tea during a rehearsal break

This morning, we had a bit of a late morning as we caught up on some much needed sleep. We had another rehearsal where we delved more deeply into the music. This year we are preparing Mozart’s String Quartet in D minor, K.421 and Prokofiev’s String Quartet No. 2. One of the funnier moments was when Alyssa and I had trouble passing off a figure in the third movement of the Prokofiev. Always imaginative, Etienne gave us the perfect image: “Remember in the second Lord of the Rings, where the orcs were tossing the hobbits to each other?”

Supper is almost ready, so I should end this!

Until next time,