Final Thoughts

Hello world!

It’s been almost a month since finishing our Rural Residency Tour 2013. Since returning home, I’ve had some time to reflect on my time in Saskatchewan. It’s hard to put the experience into words, but I will try my best. My first reaction was how much I had missed the great province of Saskatchewan. There’s something very special about Saskatchewan; perhaps it’s the beautiful sky or the scenic landscape. In the end, I believe the people of this province makes it unique and special. My three colleagues, who are all Saskatchewan natives, have shown their true Saskatchewan spirit in welcoming me back for a second time.

We’ve been so honoured to share our music with even more people this year. From our youngest audience members of a few months to our oldest at 100 years, we have truly succeeded in showing our love of chamber music to the masses. Furthermore, by creating residencies in towns around Southern Saskatchewan, we have established connections with communities leading to lasting friendships and memories. One of my fondest memories of this tour was in Maple Creek where we joined with the local high school students to create a busking festival in downtown. It was the town’s hope that we would be able to inspire more impromptu performances in their downtown core.

It always amazes me how we are also able to inspire elementary and high school aged students. School presentations are definitely one of my favourite parts of the tour. Each school is so unique and there will always be stories and anecdotes that I will remember forever. It always makes me smile when I notice one student who really engages in a certain part of the presentation. When I see their cogs turning and suddenly something clicks in their brain, I feel that we’ve made a big impact even for just a moment.

I hope that this years tour has made a positive impact in our listeners’ lives. Even if were able to amaze a young kindergartener or bring back fond memories for a resident at a retirement home, I believe we were successful.

Until next year,