Maple Creek: a tour highlight

After an eventful roadtrip West on Monday evening, through a spectacular thunderstorm, we arrived in Maple Creek. Never actually having been there, we did not know quite what to expect. We exited the vehicle, hailed by thunder and rain, running into the Redmond House Bed and Breakfast, stunned by the sophistication of the decor of this unexpected treasure. We scurried to our rooms and jumped into our beds to recover from the long drive.

We had an early start the next morning, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the west dining room of the Redmond House. Off to the Cypress Lodge, we gave our first performance to a lovely audience of elderly folk, as well as a whistling parrot who Jessie has named John.

After the lovely morning concert, we went to a quaint cafe where Audrey and Alyssa enjoyed the most delicious London Fogs anyone has ever tasted. Downtown Maple Creek is a vibrant community, and our residency there was full of wonderful encounters with so many interesting community institutions and people.

We were very fortunate in participating in a busking festival with students from the local high school. The community came alive with music from the school band, local singer-songwriters, and of course, with some of our classical and pop favourites. We had a great time meeting and jamming with the students from Maple Creek – led by their amazing band teacher, Ms. Casponi. Their talent, enthusiasm and sincerity was truly inspiring.


We had a short break and a fantastic supper at the Redmond House before heading off to our community concert at the Glascock Arts Centre. This community gem is a garage-turned-art gallery that has an incredibly intimate atmosphere and excellent acoustics. We had a full house for the concert, and many stayed after to discuss the music, enjoying a wine and cheese reception together. We unanimously regarded the Maple Creek residency as a tour highlight, and would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the entire community for such a warm reception. We hope to return to Maple Creek again soon.

Thanks for reading,