Mid-spring Musings

Audrey, Meagan, Alvin, Alyssa and Etienne – chilling with tea.

Audrey, Meagan, Alvin, Alyssa and Etienne – chilling with tea.

Dearest fellow lovers of chamber music,

We are currently at Audrey’s farm with the incredible pianist, Meagan Milatz, enjoying some tea. Today was a wonderfully intensive day of rehearsals, focusing on our interpretation of Schumann’s Piano Quintet, Op. 44. We met in the afternoon to go through the first two movements, and then came back to the farm for a very fresh and wonderful meal, which was just what we needed to power through the evening and finish off the piece.

Alvin Tran, violist of the CSQ, has no words to describe the wonder and amusement that occurred during our 5 and a half hours of rehearsal. Etienne Pemberton, violinist of the CSQ, on the other hand, had many words for Alvin’s attempt at driving his stick shift car. He did, however, greatly appreciate the lunch break that Alvin’s heroic efforts provided him.

Alyssa Ramsay, cellist of the CSQ, with her keen sense of sight, protected the quintet from potential danger and death whilst on the road. A deer, a female deer – no, not an antelope, not a caribou, not even an emu, appeared in front of us on the darkened road, and Alyssa’s cry alerted Audrey not to hit it. With Audrey’s lightning fast reflexes, she allowed the deer the time to cross the road safely in front of us.

Surprisingly, these anecdotal digressions do have a point. For, it is the times between rehearsals, coming home from a late night session, where a chamber group builds its true camaraderie and communication skills – skills that then make for a cohesive chamber music experience.

Musically yours,

The CSQ + Meagan