On the road again!

A beautiful rainbow on the Sproule Farm

Hello world!

It’s been a very long time since our last blog entry. We’ve been so busy! We went to Gravelbourg last week for the second part of our Rural Residency, giving school presentations, a secret flash mob at Cafe Paris (amazing milkshakes by the way!), as well as a concert at St. Joseph Hospital for their residents. It was really neat because there was one audience member who was 100 years old and could hardly contain herself from getting up and dancing to Orange Blossom Special. What an inspiration!

Gravelbourg Elementary school was very welcoming to our quartet, and it was great to be back! We spent the entire day performing in individual classrooms with a large group presentation in the gym. This allowed us to get to know the students better, and delve into the finer aspects of music.

Our next stop on our tour brought us to the lovely town of Coronach. It was a very scenic drive where we saw Saskatchewan-sized mountains! Once we navigated through the potholed highway we grabbed a quick coffee from Deb’s Kitchen in town. It was really cool to return to Coronach Central School as many of the students remembered our presentation from last year.

The next day we rehearsed intensely in preparation for our Weyburn concert with pianist, Meagan Milatz. On the program is Dvorak’s Piano Quintet No. 2, a brilliant and virtuosic work for all. Come check it out this Wednesday at 7:30pm!

After a weekend of weddings, we made our way to Weyburn. Today we had our first of two days at St. Michael’s School. It was rather neat working with older students (gr. 8 and 9), as we were able to focus on the deeper aspects of music-making. To celebrate our first day, we went for a fantastic lunch at the Welsh Bakery. Everything there is good, especially the brown rice sour cream sugar cookies!

Well, we have another full day of school presentations and rehearsals with our lovely pianist, Meagan, so we’d better head’er to bed!


Storms a brewin’ on our way to Weyburn

Alvin and Alyssa