Swift Current: Part 1

The next morning, we headed out to Swift Current. After a quick bite to eat at Ralph Russel’s “Russel Up Some Grub” (love the pun), we headed to Swift Current Public Library. After a series of wrong turns and adventures down one-way streets, we arrived on location.

We were delighted to be greeted by an almost full performance area with still half an hour to go before our concert, which the venue cleverly billed as “CSQ: Loud in the Library”. We played this free community concert to a full house, and enjoyed good conversation over coffee and cookies long after the performance had finished.

Checking into our hotel for a quick nap, we then headed out for pre-concert grub at Original Joe’s. What followed was one of the highlights of being in Swift Current: our concert at Riverview Village Estates. There were nearly one hundred people in attendance, and this crowd had an electric energy that is unrivaled in the tour to date. We shared with them our favourite selections from our full evening concert repertoire in an hour-long set. Afterward, we mingled with the residents, and rumors were surfacing that one resident had, in fact, built his own violins! After scouring the crowd, we finally found this esteemed gentleman. He proudly showed us one the violins he had made for his granddaughter. Alvin, Audrey and Jessie were honoured to give it a try, and entertained the residents with a few more tunes on this Riverview gem. Alyssa also gave it a try, holding it like a tiny cello and serenading the crowd with a transposed version of J.S. Bach’s Prelude from Suite No. 1. The evening ended with the residents inviting us back for lunch, tea, and the donation of a rehearsal space for our afternoon practice. We gladly accepted and marveled at the warm welcome we were already experiencing in Saskatchewan’s most South-Western city.